TNRL – Who can come? (Start of the FAQ)

I’ve been asked a few questions, so I’m going to add a FAQ page.

  1. Who can come?
    1. Anyone is welcome to show up & run.
  2. How fast is it run?
    1. As fast as you want to run.  Or as slow.
  3. What does it cost?
    1. In general, nothing.  If you want to bring refreshments, you’re welcome to. You are NOT required to.
    2. Sometimes, there will be a “real” race (with registration and everything).  If you want to participate in the “real” race, it will cost. Otherwise, no charge.
  4. What time does it start?
    1. All TNRL sessions start at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.
    2. Typically, special starts will be announced for the first of the season, at the end of the season, and “special” events, such as picnics or parties.

Ask more questions.  I’ll add them to the FAQ.


TNRL – 4/28/2015 – Liberty Park

The location to meet is the parking lot closest to the amphitheater – by the play ground.  Google Maps (click here).  This gives us a little extra distance for the 3 mile course.

We have a ~3 mile course that runs around Frontier park (click here).

We have a ~5.5 mile course that runs around Frontier & back around the dock (click here).

The Schedule (so far)

At the first race (Thanks Jan & Mike!), we hashed out some of the courses.  Courses that were well liked, and courses that were less than optimal. We took time of year into account and chose not to do some of them until summer time. We also want to promote some summertime races by previewing the course the Tuesday before (if possible.)

So, without further ado, here we go:

  • April 28th – Liberty Park (Bayfront west)
  • May 5 – A pleasant run around Lake Pleasant
  • May 12 – Waterford West (West side of the square)
  • May 19 – Fred’s POd run (Evenoff home base) (Jim out of town)
  • May 26 – Elk Creek Inn – and good food, afta.
  • June 2 – Albion – Runnin’ down a dirt road.

And if anyone knows how to throw an interactive calendar on a WordPress site, I’m all ears.

TNRL for 2015 – the beginning (again) – 4/21/2015

First TNRL of the 2015 season will be hosted by Mike & Jan Vieyra.  Start time is 6:30 pm (due to the early sunset this time of year.)

Mike and Jan have courses ranging from 3 to 6 miles available, so all are welcome.  The address is 6674 Otten Ct, Fairview.

And the new TNRL site – here’s hoping it works well.