TNRL – 4/28/2015 – Liberty Park

The location to meet is the parking lot closest to the amphitheater – by the play ground.  Google Maps (click here).  This gives us a little extra distance for the 3 mile course.

We have a ~3 mile course that runs around Frontier park (click here).

We have a ~5.5 mile course that runs around Frontier & back around the dock (click here).

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5 Responses to TNRL – 4/28/2015 – Liberty Park

  1. JimLang says:

    I just drove by the park. Gates are open until 8:15 pm (they lock at Sundown.) We’ll meet by the playground equipment & return there. Around 8:10 we have to leave (or we’ll get chased out).
    So come to enjoy, before the Tuesday Night concert series makes it unavailable to us.

  2. Dee says:

    Are we meeting at 6:30 or 7?

  3. JimLang says:

    7:00. We’re at 7:00 until mid-September. Just think 7:00 all summer.

  4. JimLang says:

    Jim: 0:00:00 – not as much fun as running.
    Fred, Don & John: 25:45 for the 2.9 mile course
    Jen (Lang): 33:10 for a shortened 2.9 mile course (about 2.7)
    Dee (who showed up late) had a 33:50 for a dock-only course (just for fun, of course)
    Heather had a 49:20 for a 5.6 mile course
    Mike, Jan and Natalie managed to do 5.6 in 49:45.
    And Jen (NOT lang) had a 53:30.


    • Emma, Joe & Grace would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to go to the park to play.
    • Don &/or John is in a soccer league & will likely miss most of these in the future. (sad face)
    • Jen got to run while Jim watched the clock.
    • Fred showed off pictures of Ely & Ellie. Much ooing and ahing in the group.
    • Post-race food was at the Plymouth. (Looking for a report on dish!)
    • Next week at Lake Pleasant for a pleasant run.

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