5/12/2015 – Waterford West

We’re meeting on the South Side of the Western part of the Square in Waterford.  Address is _about_ 30 S Park Row, Waterford, PA.  Google doesn’t like it because there’s no house there, but that’s what it is.  Just go to the traffic light on Rt 19 in Waterford (seriously – 1 traffic light) and turn right (left if you’re headed north) and you’ll be there.

Our courses are

5.15 miles and 3.31 miles.

A fair portion of the course is on dirt roads, and the return is on Old State Rd, which has a couple of semi-blind curves.  So strollers and dogs may not be a good idea unless you want to do an out & back on Sedgwick Road (which is a good course itself.)

All are welcome.

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