5/12/2015 – Waterford West

We’re meeting on the South Side of the Western part of the Square in Waterford.  Address is _about_ 30 S Park Row, Waterford, PA.  Google doesn’t like it because there’s no house there, but that’s what it is.  Just go to the traffic light on Rt 19 in Waterford (seriously – 1 traffic light) and turn right (left if you’re headed north) and you’ll be there.

Our courses are

5.15 miles and 3.31 miles.

A fair portion of the course is on dirt roads, and the return is on Old State Rd, which has a couple of semi-blind curves.  So strollers and dogs may not be a good idea unless you want to do an out & back on Sedgwick Road (which is a good course itself.)

All are welcome.

Events Calendar

So I have the Events calendar running for TNRL. I have Tuesdays through June 9th set up.  (Click the “Events” link up above).

Given that I want other folks to recommend venues and have input, I’ve purchased the community events plugin, which will allow others to submit events as well.

Long term, this is the solution for ERC’s Community Events calendar as well. I’ll finally be able to let others submit their own events, links, etc.

You’ll need a WordPress account (not hard to set up), but that’s a small price to pay. I’ve had a LOT of comment spam already, and I’ll do everything I can to reduce spam to a minimum so we get good content on our sites.

Comments welcome.

TNRL – Who can come? (Start of the FAQ)

I’ve been asked a few questions, so I’m going to add a FAQ page.

  1. Who can come?
    1. Anyone is welcome to show up & run.
  2. How fast is it run?
    1. As fast as you want to run.  Or as slow.
  3. What does it cost?
    1. In general, nothing.  If you want to bring refreshments, you’re welcome to. You are NOT required to.
    2. Sometimes, there will be a “real” race (with registration and everything).  If you want to participate in the “real” race, it will cost. Otherwise, no charge.
  4. What time does it start?
    1. All TNRL sessions start at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.
    2. Typically, special starts will be announced for the first of the season, at the end of the season, and “special” events, such as picnics or parties.

Ask more questions.  I’ll add them to the FAQ.