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Personal Information

The Big White Trailer is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of our customers and our participants. The following information about participants is considered public - and any information submitted through our online registration service or provided by races:

Said information, once a race is completed, will not be removed or altered (with the exception of age, gender or spelling corrections) for any reason.

The following information is treated as confidential and will only be provided to race organizers (as it pertains to their race preparation):

The most we will do, should contact information be requested, is contact the person in question and provide him or her with the fact that someone is trying to contact them. We may do nothing at all. We will NOT provide contact infromation to third parties*.

Customer information

If you are a customer of the Big White Trailer (a race director) you may be asked for references. You will not be provided as a reference without a prior request for references.

Tracking Information

This site tracks visitors for purposes of understanding how our site is used. This information is provided via Google Analytics. We want to know who (generically) visits our site and what our visitors are interested in. We want to tailor our site to our visitors, and understanding your demographics are the key to this.

If you do not wish to be tracked, please click here for instructions on how not to be tracked. (Your visit will still be recorded, but your ddemographics will be shrouded.) Please note that these settings apply more to ads, and we do not currently use advertising.



* Information requested by law enforcement will be provided upon court order. We do not anticipate this being an issue.
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