Prices and Fees

What to Expect

On race morning, I’ll (optionally) provide data entry service for your race, so you can concentrate on registering folks on race morning. For a bib race, you should plan to put name, age, gender on each bib. If there are separate divisions for walk & run, it should be noted on the bib as well. The bib number should be written on the application and entered into a computer system. Neat, legible information on the apps makes this smoother.

I carry an air horn for starting the race should it be desired. Simply ask. Also give a couple of minutes notice of the start of the race so the timers can be ready.

For the finish, expect a clock to be set up for the finish next to the finish line (weather permitting).

Prices and Fees

& What to expect

  • Fees – Basic 5k / 10k / etc. (New fees effective as of Jan 2023)
    • $200 base fee. Applies now to chip races as tear-tag races are no longer offered.  Discount of $50 for those using RunSignup for registration. (BWT will set up for no charge.)
    • $1.50/finisher
    • $1/entrant race data data entry (Effective July 2016)
    • Bibs – $25/package of 100 (only available in lots of 100)
    • Pins – $15 / box (1440 pins / box) – 360 runners
    • RaceResult chips-on-bibs (includes pins) – $1.50/each
    • Mileage from Erie, PA based on current gas prices (currently $0.50/mile) (May be waived)
    • Chip system setup fee – please contact for fees. Depends on region, event, size, and other factors.
  • Provide
    • Finish line / chute
    • Cones
    • Clock
    • Timing equipment
    • Equipment for finish line
    • Training for volunteers
  • What is expected from the race.
    • 0-1 volunteers to help collect information at the finish
    • Day-of-race applications brought to me in a timely manner
    • Race hands out bibs/chips before the race
  • Other events
    • Triathlons – should be chip timed. Splits are only available on Chip timed races.
    • XC Events – High school meets will usually use the race’s finish line setup (though I can bring mine if you desire). High School and middle school XC races are eligible for a great price break.

Chip Timing

The Big White Trailer currently uses Race Results timing technology.  RaceResults chips are attached to standard bibs and are preferred for most race types.

As other technology becomes available and viable, The Big White Trailer will make every effort to acquire the best technology available with the goal of providing quality service in a timely manner. Chip timing costs vary by race and location.

Road and XC races – Chips add $100-$300 to the base fee, and $1.50 to $2.50 to the per-finisher fee. (Vague? Yes. The type of race and conditions affect how the race is set up, what equipment is necessary, etc. Plan on $3.00/finisher and $150 for a basic race. Contact Jim Lang for a complete quote.

Bicycle races (road). Road race timing fees are provided as a service. Low rider densities are well served here. More than 200 riders would be best served with active chip technologies. (I’ll be glad to put you in touch with folks that can handle that kind of race). Medium-difficulty prize structures are well served by the Big White Trailer.

Mountain Bikes – Mountain Bike races are well served with chip technologies. Lower speeds and the nature of the race make chip timing a great benefit to the race. Complexity of the race (classes, skill levels, and prize structure) tends to make this a difficult class to score, but we handle it well. Feel free to check the 2009 results pages for good examples.

Other Services

Feel free to contact me about timing other events. I’ve an open mind