RaceDay Scoring Tutorial Info



1). Set up Participant Sync (decide if you want more data like question responses, emergency contact info, etc…)

2). Set up Streams (if needed, you may have already created Streams that you can re-use from another Race)

3). Set up Timing Locations and assign Streams to them.

4). Set up Scored Events

5). Set up Segments

6). Set up Age Groups

7). Set up Reports

7a). Default Reports are set up for you. You can edit existing Reports to adjust Top Finisher Categories and change columns, etc.

7b). You can set up an Auto-Save on a Report to publish it to RunSignUp

8). Check/Adjust “Actual Start Time” in Event Setup

8a). Alternatively, start a race from the PC clock

9). Start Collecting Reads

10).Sit on the Dashboard

10a). View recent times at locations

11a). View/Edit Times from the Dashboard


There’s a lot of info there, I know!